Smart Pay Kiosk

SMART PAY KIOSK aims to deliver comprehensive financial services, including branded and private label options, to underserved customers.
Our all-in-one kiosks accept CASH and offer same-day check cashing, bill payment, and money transfers, ensuring a diverse range of convenient and efficient financial solutions.
Cloud Based Avada Finance
SMART PAY KIOSK is provided by Genmega, which has deployed over 150,000 ATM’s and multifunctional kiosks since 2006. Backed by Maya Labs software, we ensure regulatory compliance and offer same-day check cashing, bill payment, and money transfers for convenient financial solutions.

Market Demand

As per the Federal Reserve, a staggering 22% of American adults (over 60 million individuals) fall into the categories of being unbanked or underbanked. Furthermore, the United States boasts over 13,000 check cashing locations, which are frequented by more than 35 million Americans annually. It is distressing to note that those who are unbanked or underbanked pay an average of $3,000 each year for financial services.


Unbanked & Underbanked
Population in the U.S.

Over 13,000 Check
Cashing Locations

Unbanked & Underbanked
Incur ~$3,000 in Yearly Fees

Business Model

Making An Impact In Communities

Current Services

Future Services

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