Smart Pay Kiosk

SMART PAY KIOSK is provided by Genmega, which has deployed over 150,000 ATM’s and multifunctional kiosks since 2006. Backed by Maya Labs software, we ensure regulatory compliance and offer same-day check cashing, bill payment, and money transfers for convenient financial solutions.
New services can be seamlessly and rapidly implemented through third-party providers, such as smartphone apps, expanding the range of offerings for enhanced convenience.

Over 13,000 Check
Cashing Locations


Unbanked & Underbanked
Population in the U.S.

Unbanked & Underbanked
Incur ~$3,000 in Yearly Fees

Business Model

Smart Pay Kiosk presents a synergistic win-win solution for all stakeholders. Unbanked and underbanked consumers will benefit from reduced service fees, while retailers enjoy increased foot traffic and potential for immediate sales following cash withdrawals from the kiosk. The hardware maintenance is handled by our ATM service provider, with software managed remotely by Maya.


Bill Payment

Check Cashing

Money Transfer

Phone Reload

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