Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)*

We plan to invest in 250 SMART PAY KIOSKs, which offer a breakthrough in self-service financial services by accepting CASH for bill payment, money transfer, micro investments, phone reloads, prepaid gift cards, and possible other services. In addition to ATM functionality, our Kiosks will offer check cashing and a platform for micro loans. Customers can save money and benefit from the convenience of using their cash online in an all-in-one Kiosk, while store owners benefit from self-serve (no cashier) financial services, increased foot traffic and brand loyalty. Investors benefit from 9 revenue channels in 1 ATM-sized retail footprint.
Our management team represents a combined 150+ years of entrepreneurial, legal, financial services and marketing success and experience gained from leadership at numerous public and private companies, including ATM, banking and related services companies.
SMART PAY KIOSKs are provided by Genmega, Inc. of Dallas, TX, with proven success in deployment of over 150,000 ATMs and multifunction financial kiosks since 2006.
Leading financial applications provider Maya Labs, Inc. of Woodland Hills, CA supplies our state-of-the-art software platform. Critically, Maya brings their successful track-record of regulatory compliance to our kiosks. Maya will assist us in managing the Kiosks remotely using secured Internet lines.
Our unique platform is like a smart phone. Our SMART PAY KIOSKS provide the environment - or “holder” - for an almost endless variety of possible 3rd-party applications. Each application provider is responsible for their own licensure, with SMART PAY KIOSK selecting only proven applications which offer the best value for customers and investors alike.
We have identified an entire untouched market to introduce our Kiosks: check cashing stores, drug stores, grocery stores, mini-marts, and other retailers with extensive foot traffic.
We will offer FREE placement. Retail locations enjoy increased foot traffic and brand loyalty from customers who depend on our SMART PAY KIOSKS for critical services. There is also potential for immediate sales following cash withdrawals from each SMART PAY KIOSK. And because our Kiosks are self-serve, retailers can save money on payroll for personnel who are no longer needed to support financial services in the store that our Kiosks provide.
In the U.S., more than 60 million people are underbanked and more than 35 million rely on over 13,000 check cashing locations. On average, these individuals each spend approximately $3,000 per year on these services.
Our revenue model includes 9 revenue streams in 3 categories: leasing fees, transaction fees, and advertisements. Each financial service is provided by a 3rd-party application and we share the transaction fees generated with those 3rd-parties.
We are seeking $5 million in funding to cover the purchase of 250 SMART PAY KIOSKS. The investment funds will also be allocated for sales and marketing, logistics, installation, retailer training, and other operational expenditures.
We've partnered with Maya Labs, a leading provider of multiple financial application platforms and regulatory compliant software provides SaaS to our SMART PAY KIOSKS, built by OEM, Genmega, which has deployed over 150,000 ATMs and multifunctional financial kiosks since 2006.
We hope to generate passive income for our investors and will entertain opportunities for liquidity as any such opportunities present themselves.

 Potential risks include, but are not limited to, competition, operational risks, digital default and faulty software, risks attendant to any enterprise, along with the lack of control over third-party providers’ terms of service and fees and estimated costs may also be higher than anticipated, any of which could result in the purchase of fewer Kiosks or could prevent SMART PAY KIOSKS from being profitable. In addition, the revenue from customer demand, usage, and fees at each Kiosk location may not meet our expectations.
Our main direct competitor that accepted cash for bill-pay services, was TIO Networks. They suspended physical operations in March 2018 after being acquired by PayPal. The other main competitor is Autonomous Financial Center (AFC), which uses Genmega’s SAT machines and has engaged with Target, initially operating in approximately 10 locations. Competitive check cashing kiosks do not have all the services and features combined in our SMART PAY KIOSKS, therefore require 3 separate kiosks at twice the cost, to be competitive.

* Note: All statements regarding revenue, savings, and Investor returns are wholly dependent upon the results of this Offering and the successful deployment and operations of the Kiosks by SPK.

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